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A & A Law firm is qualified in many branches of law. Lawyers in our firm are specialized each in a particular field and they will meet, discuss and provide their clients with all the legal solutions for their legal issues, expected objectives and plans under the applicable law.

The practice of law offered at A & A involves providing legal advices, drafting legal documents, and representing clients in legal negotiations and court proceedings. This practice consists also in separate areas of law. Property law defines rights and obligations related to transfer and title of personal and real property, for instance, in mortgaging or renting a home. Trust law applies to assets held for investment and financial security, such as pension funds. Constitutional law provides a framework for creating laws, protecting people's human rights, and electing political representatives.

Administrative law relates to the activities of administrative agencies of government. International law regulates affairs between sovereign nation-states in everything from trade to the environment to military action.

Law manifests itself throughout the community in many more ways, and serves as the foremost social mediator of relations between people.

We offer services and consultancies for a wide range of local and international clients in different practice areas such as:

  • » Banking
  • » Corporate Law
  • » Insurance Law
  • » Taxation
  • » Real Estate
  • » Criminal Law

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